Whistle-blower in exam cheating case forced to leave home

Siami, a whistle-blower in an alleged case of group cheating that took place at the Gadel 2 Elementary School, Surabaya, during the recent national examinations, was forced out of her home recently by other parents who were angered by her fight for honesty.
“Leave, leave [your home, this sub-district]. You have no heart,” hundreds of residents of Gadel Sari subdistrict yelled at her during a protest on Thursday, kompas.com reported Wednesday.
Siami was accused of discrediting the school and Gadel Sari. Since the case emerged, residents have staged at least four protests. The Thursday demonstration brought Siami to tears, and she apologized to the local community as she attempted to calm them down.
Siami uncovered the mass cheating incident four days after the conclusion of the national examinations on May 12.
She had received information from other parents that her son, Al, had been used by the school to help other students answer questions in the national exams.
Al eventually admitted to his mother that cheating had taken place, and she became very angry, questioning the school principal Sukatman about the incident.
However, her questions were fruitless, receiving only an apology from him without any clarification as to whether the cheating had been orchestrated by teachers. She also apparently received an unclear response from the school committee, which led Siami to file a complaint with the local education agency and to talk to the media.
The education agency eventually stepped in and suspended the school principal and two teachers allegedly responsible for the cheating.
Siami is now reportedly staying in her hometown in Gresik, East Java following the protests.
Her story has attracted the attention of public figures including as Anies Baswedan and Yenni Wahid, who criticized the school and the Gadel community for their stance against Siami's honesty.
Apparently group cheating in the national examinations not only occurred in Surabaya, but also in Jakarta. The National Commission for Child Protection (Komnas PA) has received a report from a parent that group cheating also took place at Pesanggrahan 6 (afternoon class) Jakarta during the exams.
source : http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2011/06/15/whistle-blower-exam-cheating-case-forced-leave-home.html


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