Toshiba Portege Z830 Ultrabook Unveiled

It seems like almost every notebook PC manufacturer has decided to announce an "Ultrabook" (a 13-inch thin and light multimedia laptop) this week. Toshiba America is the latest company to join the fray; Toshiba today unveiled the Portégé Z830 Series, the company’s first Ultrabook using second Generation  Core processors. The new Z830 has a starting weight of less than 2.5 pounds and features a 0.63-inch (15.9 mm) profile ... making it about 20 percent lighter and 40 percent thinner than the previous Portégé R830 Series.
As with most of the "Ultrabooks" hitting the market, the Z830 supports the latest Intel Core processors, DDR3 memory, and promises to provide an impressive combination of multimedia performance and great battery life. The Z830 Ultrabook offers a 128GB solid state drive for increased speed, durability and better energy efficiency than a typical hard drive. The new Ultrabook comes with Toshiba’s new "Hi-Speed Start Technology" which allows the notebook to boot Windows "in just seconds."

The Portégé Z830 Series is also packed with several modern conveniences such as a full-size LED Backlit and spill-resistant keyboard that makes it easier to see what you're typing in low light conditions and helps guard against accidents. The Ultrabook also includes Toshiba’s USB Sleep & Charge technology which lets you charge a USB device such as a camera or iPod even while the Ultrabook is powered down.

One for the road

THE Samsung Series 3 300V is a stylish notebook with a long battery life of nine hours, making it not only easy on the eyes but also a great companion on the road. 

The notebook is targeted at students and the younger generation, and will help them stay connected and keep them entertained virtually all day long, according to Samsung. 

Also, a feature called Fast Start will allow users to start using the notebook within seconds of booting it up. 

The screen for the 14in notebook can be either glossy or anti-reflective. A glossy display is great for games and movies because images will appear extremely clear and vivid. 

An anti-reflective display, on the other hand, promises better readability even under bright sunlight and this also helps reduce eye strain when working on the notebook over extended periods. 

The notebook is powered by a second-generation Intel Core i7 processor and has an nVidia GeForce GT 520MX graphics chips, up to 4GB RAM and up to 640GB hard disk space. 


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