Smart way with Samsung Smart TV D8000

Samsung Smart TV is so smart that you don't need to be a gadget guru or a programmer to take advantage of its best features.
When you think about TV, what comes to your mind ? Either a bulky big box or a wide and sleek LED TV, isn't it ? Well, if you thought sleek LED TVs are the best of television, there's news. Samsung has been making TVs for quite some time, but now they've released a new line of televisions they are dubbing: Smart TVs.
What's a Smart TV? Well it's a smarter way to consolidate into one place all the things you can, and be doing with a TV. It makes it easy to get around, find content, and do what you want, when you want.
Let's take Samsung, for example, their Smart Hub (show the button) gives you instant access to streaming music, videos or movies from the Internet. It also lets you access web apps for viewing pay or free content online. You can get news, sports scores, weather, stock quotes, view your photos or even play games. The apps range from quite fun but questionable value — watching Twitter update while you're watching masterchef might be fun.
How else is it Smart-er? The new Samsung Smart TV creates "All-Share Feature" uses wireless technology to let you synchronize content from other gadgets and devices such as your laptops and mobile phones, so you can store files, listen to music, view pictures, or watch your own videos.
Well, the AllShare system lets you pull all sorts of media from virtually any device in your house. That means that if you just captured some cool video on your Android phone, or have tunes on your new laptop computer - you can now stream that media to your TV. Other systems can pull in media, but Samsung really integrates their system fully with mobile technology in a way we've never seen before - I mean, it's intuitive enough that you'll actually WANT to use it - a lot.
Search All, to makes it easier to search for desired content on your TV and other DLNA-certified connected media storage devices, networked PC and mobile devices, and Internet and video-on-demand services. Say you're into Karate. If you want to search for content featuring Karate, simply press the Smart Hub button on your remote and select the search bar at the top of the screen. Then, enter the word "karate," and Search All will search your networks and applications to find any content that's tagged with "karate."
This is another favorite features. This app integrates FaceBook, Twitter and Google Talk into a single platform, allowing users to simultaneously blog and chat while watching TV programs. If you've got Samsung Smart TV Facebook App on your new Samsung Smart TV, you'll be able to view your friends' status updates or share your own thoughts with the world without having to switch to the Facebook App. Isn't that cool?
Samsung Smart TV D8000 has a built in Wifi inside, so there would be no additional equipment needed to connect on the internet. Innovation of a TV with a wifi inside enables easily updates our social accounts and with the help of Samsung Applications or other features you can do many things on the World Wide Web. Such as Skype that enabled us to make a video call and with the use of Samsung Smart TV D8000 we can navigate our television screen to communicate. Keep in touch with our friends and family on a high definition resolution screen of this smart TV. Now, this is something to die for!
Samsung has the best experience in 3D. The new SMART TV colors and depth are more vivid and clear and even prolonged exposures doesn't give you any nausea or headache like in other 3D TV brands. The 3D glasses are paired with Bluetooth, and can be viewed even from a distance of few feets which actually makes the 3D experience better (more distance the better). Samsung "3D Sound" capabilities in their home entertainment systems to give superior sound quality. This is made possible by synching sound and video to create an immersive, up-down-left-right experience enabling the sound to "move" along with the 3D picture.
Samsung has always made beautiful TVs, but when we first laid eyes on the new 8000 series, it redefined how cool a flat panel TV could look. The first thing you notice is the ultra slim bezel - it's like 1/4" thin and makes it look as if the picture goes right to the edge of the frame. It's stunning, and when combined with a TV that's just over an inch thick, you really get something that's a work of art.
The Samsung Smart TV D8000 is available in the following screen sizes; 46 inches, 55 inches, 60 inches , 65 inches. With its sophisticated design it enables this TV to hang on your wall and using the stylish swivel stand you can also able to rotate the better angle viewing you want. That gives high performance choice of impressive viewing experience.
With these types of features,you will see things that you've never seen before. The Samsung Series 8 has everything we see as important in a high-end TV. Samsung SMART TV, It's more than Internet TV.
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