Simple Ways to Fix the Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) Issue

BSOD is an acronym of Blue Screen of Death. Other terms representing the same meaning are STOP Error and Fatal Error.

It is called a critical system error because of its irrecoverable nature. It may appear when you start your computer, or otherwise, when you are working with your computer. It occupies the full screen of your monitor and represents the exact Error Code with a number of useful information. Since it is blue colored; it is called Blue Screen of Death.

Why I'm Getting Blue Screen of Death?

There are several reasons why your computer is showing the BSOD. Some of them are listed as under. Take into consideration to note down the Error Code on it so as to base your future diagnostics in a correct way.

1. You connected a hardware which is not compatible with your system
2. A newly installed software has registered unsupported versions of DLL files
3. A virus is infected to your computer
4. Your system files are modified/ replaced

You Connected a Hardware Which is Not Compatible with Your System

There are several hardware devices available in the market. We have to buy only those which supports our operating system and other hardware configurations. While buying or connecting a new hardware, you must found a message printed on its cover that "This device is designed for Microsoft Windows operating system" or otherwise "Compatible with Microsoft Windows". Often, installing old versions of hardware to cause such issues.

Unfortunately, if you installed an unsupported hardware, it may cause BSOD issue. What you have to do is disconnect it and restart your system immediately. Please ask your hardware supplier to replace it with a supported type/ version.

A Newly Installed Software has Registered Unsupported Versions of DLL Files

The term DLL file refers to Dynamic Link Library files. These are an essential type of system files in your Windows based operating system.

If you remember installing yourself a new software, please be cautious. It may have installed some sort of DLL files which are no longer designed for your operating system platform, or otherwise, are too outdated.

What to do now?

You shall either uninstall corresponding software, or otherwise, restore your system to a state before the new software was installed on your machine.

Uninstall Malfunctioning Software:

If you can't access your computer, try running it into the Safe Mode or Last Known Good Configuration option. To do so, restart the computer and press F8 repeatedly.

1. Click Start | Control Panel.
2. Click Programs | Uninstall a Program.
3. Select the malfunctioning program you recently installed, and click Uninstall button.
4. Follow the task.

Restore the System:

1. Click Start.
2. Type System Restore.
3. Follow the wizard your own. Be sure to select a correct system restore point which represents date and time before the new malfunctioning software was installed.

A Virus is Infected to Your Machine:

Sorry to say, but there might be chances of virus infection. Be sure to scan the whole system and all the connected medias (like CD ROMs, USB Flash Drives) for virus infection.

Be sure while choosing a good antivirus software. Please do not go just to the word 'free' rather test its effectiveness and utility. Update it before you start scanning.

Your System Files are Modified/ Replaced:

This I have too experienced when I installed a theme package on my Windows based computer. It simply replaced all or major system files which then caused me to face BSOD or similar type of errors.

Fortunately, there is a useful tool called System File Checker. Run it as follows:

1. Click Start.
2. Click Run.
3. Type SFC /ScanNow and press ENTER.

Note: You must insert your Windows installation disc before starting the above task.

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