Making a System Repair Disc to Recover Your Computer From Critical System Errors

Prevention is better than cure. Before facing a critical system error which won't load your operating system or won't let you access to your documents & files, you shall make a System Repair Disc that lets you repair your computer at appropriate situations in the unforeseen future.

It is nothing but the media used to boot your computer and get access to various recovery tools. Here, I'm showing how can you create it your own.

Why I'm Recommending you to Create a System Repair Disc?

The reason is simple.

After facing a critical system error, most of us reinstall the whole operating system rather than finding-out the ways to recover it from the damage. This not only wastes your time but also costs you money, if any professional is employed.

In other words, it would help you to fix your computer after the system was made abnormal by unfovourable threats due to physical damage to your system files or major registry settings.

When would I need to Repair my Computer using a System Repair Disc?

Not all needs can be listed here. A critical system problem may occur in the form of Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), random restarts, failure to start Windows, freezing the boot procedure, virus infections and so on.

I had seen many people purchasing a whole new computer though their computer is recoverable from such types of system problems. My objective to write this article is to protect you from such damage and save your time & money from wasting for a computer engineer who don't do anything than just formatting your system.

How a System Repair Disc functions?

You create a new system repair disc on your compact disc media, which when inserted at the time of system failure, helps fixing the problem with the help of various tools and processes.

Let us see the actual steps to create a new disc that lets you repair your computer from system failure cases.

Steps to Create a system Repair Disc

1. Make sure you have entered a blank writable CD ROM in your CD Drive. This is the disc where the files & tools required to repairing your system are stored. While processing, the inserted disc will be automatically converted to a bootable media.

2. Click Start.

3. Type System Repair in the Search Box.

4. Select the result Create a System Repair Disc from the Search Results.

5. Select your CD ROM from the Drive drop down box.

6. Click Create Disc.

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