Runescape Woodcutting Guide

Runescape woodcutting guides are very hard to find. If you follow this step by step guide you will have such an easy time learning what you have to do to be a pure woodcutter. It's not hard, it takes about 2 hours a day for about 10 days then you should hit your goal. How? Well, this is how...

Runescape woodcutting is a very good skill to train. Runescape woodcutting guides aren't easy to find. If you are looking for a runescape woodcutting bot that WON'T hack your account and won't get you banned in 5 hours or less, then this little tutorial will definitely help you!

I'm not saying you are going to get from 1-99 in less than a week, but this guide will help you get from 1-99 in less than 30 days playing about 2 hours a day. The first thing you have to keep in mind before you start is that you don't have to be a nerd and sit in front of your computer all day to get a pure skill. I have learned from many of my friends on how to flip runescape accounts. Basically I will get a skill from 1-99 and sell it for $100. Its easy cash and takes my literally 1 week playing 2 hours a day to get a single skill from 1-99. Any skill you can think of I have mastered! So, in essence (not rune essence) you don't have to play 24 hours a day 365 days a year to achieve amazing results.

So let's hop right into it. What you are going to want is starting from level 1-11. This is something that I wrote up

Level 1-11:

Chop down regular "Trees". You must be using a bronze hatchet. You can find one at the grand exchange (you must buy on at the grand exchange) or in the chicken coop by the cows in Lumbrige. All you have to do is once you enter the chicken coop is just look at the chop down tree stump, click it and you should have a hatchet in your inventory.

I suggest cutting down the trees by the grand exchange entrance. I suggest that because the grand exchange is right their plus you can store them in your bank for a bulk sale. Bulk selling is cool because if you gather about 10,000 trees then all you have to do is sell it and make 6 million. It's that easy and I always suggest chopping away at the entrance of the GE for the best results.

You can now download the runescape woodcutting guide for free (the complete version) that teaches you how to go from level 1-99 woodcutting in a matter of days!

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