Fish Tycoon - An In Depth Review

What's it about?

The basic goal of Fish Tycoon is to breed and cross breed fish until you eventually rediscover all seven of the extinct species of magical fish native to the fictional land of Isola. Each magic species has its own special ability to contribute to it surroundings, and having a magic fish in your tank will share its benefit with the rest of your fish.

Game Play

You begin the game as a rookie with only common fish and basic supplies. After a few generations of crossbreeding your original fish's descendants, you will begin to produce more exotic breeds. Your eventual success revolves around a cycle of selling these at your fish store and buying upgrades. Fish sales will supply you with the money you need to buy environment upgrades necessary to support the health of even rarer fish, which in turn bring in more cash. During your breeding experiments, you will eventually (and usually accidentally) breed a species of magic fish. These special fish provide benefits to your aquarium such as increased fertility and longevity. Once you have discovered all the magic fish the game is officially over, though you can continue to play to make money off discovering new types of fish.


The game is played mainly from a few screens, namely your breeding tanks, your shop, and the supplies area. Actions are very simple and basically all you have to do is feed, breed, heal, and sell your fish. All these action are drag and drop and breeding is non-graphic; it consists of simply dragging and dropping one fish on another isolated one. There are also no gender distinctions, so all fish can be impregnated. Graphics are quite decent but not exceptional and the music is peaceful and serene. The game runs in real time based on your computer clock, so it keeps going even when the computer is off unless you pause it from the in-game menu.

The Price

The best part of all this is that the folks at Last Day of Work studio are offering all these features for under ten dollars!

The Bottom Line

If you are a casual gamer or have this in mind for kids and you're looking for a relaxing, entertaining, and fun aquarium simulator that is fairly simple to play and very affordable then Fish Tycoon is a good game for you. Available for both PC and Mac, this award winning game is available for trial from the Last Day Of Work website. I certainly recommend this game and suggest that you try it out today.

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