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Rift has just begun! You have selected a Mage as your calling because you want to do lots of damage and keep away from everything, but you don't know what build to take to level with? There are 8 souls to choose from, I understand this can be difficult. That is why I have chosen to share with you the build I have created. After months of reading up on the game, researching each spell and ability, I have stumbled onto a very unique set of souls that provide you with incredible leveling speed. Going from mob-to-mob without any downtime is what makes an ideal leveling build. Ready for the build?

1. Necromancer
2. Warlock
3. Dominator

Why these three you might ask?

Lets start with Necromancer. Necromancer provides you with a pet. This pet is by far THE most effective pet I have come across for tanking, this is including the Ranger pet! Your Skeletal Stalwart (level 12) will be able to hold aggro on 2 of the 3 mobs you will find yourself pulling and killing within 30 seconds, each time you pull. Once you hit level 21, this pet upgrades to a Skeletal Knight to make its tanking ability and damage even more significant. As well as the pet, Necromancer has numerous effective abilities, namely Necrosis, Reclaim Power, Essence Link and Grave Rot. This abilities combined with a couple from the other trees will be all you need to ensure everything you touch dies!

Warlock is your next pick. From here, the most notable skills are Leech Life, Dark Touch and Void Bolt. Some people prefer to use Plague Bolt over Void Bolt but I think the dps you get from Void Bolt is more effective. Leech Life, on the other hand, requires no argument. This ability is your opener. Pull each mob with this to ensure you are keeping your own health up and applying the first of your many dots.

The final soul I use is Dominator. This is one skill and one skill only. Neural Prod. Not only does the name sound cool, but it becomes a very formidable ability at later levels, dealing high damage and it is an instant cast! Use it to finish a mob as you are running to the next and you have no down time at all!

Now on to the build. 32/34/0 is what I am aiming towards. Start by putting 5 points into Deaths Ally, 3 into Flesh Rot then switch to Warlock and put 3 in Improved Life Leech and 2 in Lingering Pain. From here I don't really touch Warlock tree unless I have points spare, the rest go in Necromancer. Make sure to pick up Grave Rot and Soul Purge as soon as you can and you are good to go.

For your rotation I would usually go for Life Leech > Necrosis > Dark Touch > Void Bolt > Void Bolt > Void Bolt > Refresh Dots (If needed). For multiple targets simple Life Leech > Tab > Life Leech > Tab... Grave Rot. From here just tab and pop Necrosis and Dark Touch on each mob. I usually stick Essence Link on the mob my pet is attacking to keep my health up. Now just Void Bolt as you need and and refresh your dots. If you are losing health, pick the mob with the most health and use Soul Purge to get your health back.

This build also works well in instances, just switch out Skeletal Knight for Zealot or Revenant (dealers choice).

I know what I am talking about when it comes to most MMOs. I pride myself on having very efficient leveling methods. Not all of which are mine. I use guides in most cases to ensure my time is not wasted. Wondering which guide is right for you? Check out http://www.riftlevelingguidev.com to read unbiased, honest reviews on the guides out there today!

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