Instances By Level - Wrath of the Lich King

The fastest way to get your WoW characters to level 85 is by using the Dungeon Finder tool and Instance Leveling. The only problem here is that you sometimes spend a lot of time lining up for different and unknown dungeons, some of which you just don't want or need. If you know beforehand which dungeons you should tackle, the process is much quicker and easier. So without further ado, here is my summary of the best instances by level when it comes to navigating the WOTLK expansion!

Utgarde Keep - Levels 68 to 71

Once you reach level 68, you can make your way to Northrend and start to queue for instances even though to be precise, the WOTLK expansion does not even start until level 70. Because the monsters are much more powerful than you while instance leveling in Utgarde Keep you will find that just after a few runs, your experience and leveling will fly through in a blink! But, I hear you ask, if the monsters are a much higher level, how will I defeat them? Good question, but remember you are in a group of five people which evens up the odds substantially! So, once you achieve level 68, go by boat to Northrend and queue for the only instance you will be eligible for - Utgarde Keep!

The Nexxus - Levels 71 to 73

The Nexxus will give you an absolute stack of experience between these levels but the downside is the fact that in comparison with other dungeons level 80 and above, it is quite long. Here is a subtle tip for you when it comes to the quite tough-to-defeat boss of this instance. Because your healers aren't yet in the position to heal through the de-buff, you should really remember to jump! Good luck with that one!

Old Kingdom - Levels 73 to 74

For some reason, the Old Kingdom dungeon seems to come up a lot more regularly than any of the others around this stage. My advice to you is just keep running it as it is pretty simple.

Violet Hold - Levels 74 to 76

A little bit like Utgarde Keep, the specific instance quests for Violet Hold aren't an option for you until level 75. You can however start queuing for them once you reach level 74 by picking them up at the entrance to the Violet Hold instance.

Halls Of Stone - Levels 76 to 78

This is a very popular instance and it is also super simple to find and accept the quests for this instance all around the areas itself. This one comes up a lot too in the Dungeon Finder.

Trial of the Champion - Levels 78 to 80

Although you will have to learn and master some new skills to successfully complete this instance, it is loads of fun and also offers up something way different than most of the other instances you will have completed thus far. It starts off with you trying to knock your opponents off their horse and to the ground. Yep! You are going to have a crack at jousting my friend!

You can finally start queuing for random heroic instances once you attain level 80! Especially now we go to level 85, your journey is not over! A good thing to do now is to gear up by building up your badges, do chain heroics and get gear from badge vendors and drops.

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Level up quicker than ever before!

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