Rango movie (2011)

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Rango movie seems to impress fans have to something to rejoice over with to be released on next year animation flick. The combination between the inventive and acclaimed director Gore Verbinski and the versatile actor Johnny Depp is a rather unique and promising one so that it had never failed so far to get the attention of many in Hollywood and at the same time they have been able to create a fan base of their own who willingly wait for their next teaming up. The fans are eagerly awaiting to see whether this two is going to cast their magic over them again.
Rango has the storyline that follows the experiences faced by Rango a chameleon. Despite his appearance is kind of a giveaway about his neurotic nature he is actually suffering from a personality disorder hat has made him to act in rather unusual manner that result in the most disastrous kind of aftermaths that are not too short of bringing laughter to the viewers. Despite all this Rango aspires to be a hero and when he finds himself in a western town where bandits rule the next thing is unbeknownst to himself he is compelled to become the hero he always wanted to be.
Details about the movie are kept under wraps and that factor also will undoubtedly lead to the popularity of the movie since the audience are always keen to go for a movie that give away least bit of information about it However what the audience are destined to get is a fair share of enjoyment from he movie which never fails to capture the attention with every detail.Threfore is sure going to be another chill thrilling action anyway despite it being an animation which will perhaps make the audience change their ideas about animation flicks.
The star voice of the movie is of course Johnny Depp whose talents vary in a number of different fields that his fans are constantly surprised by the variety of roles that he end up performing. However though this is not the first time that Depp is taking part in an animation project the audiences are not deprived of entertainment because coming up with same kind of works is not a thing associated with this actor and with some memorable and catchy phrase in the movie will be a binding one for sure.The movie also brings together Timothy Olyphant, Abigail Breslin, Isla Fisher and Bill Nighy.
With realistic looking sceneries Rango is definitely a 3D at its best kind of a movie where the audience will be amazed at the inability to determine the fact that what they onscreen are all graphically designed visuals. Because through out the entire screen time what the audience will see is natural looking settings that take their breath away. The music is another memorable factor in the movie because true to its mature the score is matching and artistic.
Rango is scheduled to be released on 4th of March in 2011 making it to be among the next years most high fevered movies and if what the trailer promise is true then the creators need not to worry about the response that the movie is going to get because the content will be to the entertainment and enjoyment to the entire family.


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