Adam Sandler and Leighton Meester Say I Hate You, Dad

Adam Sandler and Leighton Meester
I Hate You, Dad movie is an upcoming motion picture which is going to be another addition to genre of comedy movies and I Hate You, Dad movie is going to draw may fans hoping to find this motion picture to be the kind of a movie they expect to be. This new comedy flick will also bring together two notable stars and in a key role will be well known comedy actor Adam Sandler. In addition to him young upcoming actress Leighton Meester will also be seen starring in a significant role. In addition to these two stars the rest if the cast includes some fascinating and impressive names. A laugh out loud joyride this is going to be for fans in many ways.
I Hate You, Dad movie actor Adam Sandler is without a doubt one of the notable comedy actors today and many of his movies have gone on to become notable and well received by audiences. He had recently starred in comedy flick Just Go With It as well and even before that he had been cast in a number of hit comedy flicks. Leighton Meester who had gained much recognition through her role in hit television series Gossip Girl seems to be on her way to build up a career in wide screen as well since with this motion picture she will be enabled to find herself looking at a well crafted and finely realized motion picture.
S teaming up Adam Sandler and Leighton Meester on wide screen for the first time I Hate You, Dad movie is bound to draw attention of fans of comedy movies. In addition to these stars this movie also has stars like James Caan and Andy Samberg. And as the story of this comedy flick goes on it will have a father who decided to move in with his son on the evening of he the latter’s wedding. And it is obviously a bad start when the father and his soon to be daughter in law develop a dislike toward each other. So the movie will chart what takes place in this situation which turn out to be funny and hilarious.


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