Resolve Sims 3 'Cannot Run Error'

There are so many complaints found on the internet regarding Sims 3 crashing or several other runtime problems. 'Sims 3 cannot run' error is one of the most experienced problems.

What should I do after my Sims 3 is not running and showing me an error?

1. Ensure Minimum System Requirements
2. Repair the Registry
3. Delete Unwanted Stuff
4. Turn Off Background Services
5. Remove Sims 3 from DEP
6. Mark Sims 3 as Safe in your Firewall

Ensure Minimum System Requirements

Make sure that your computer has minimum system requirements to avoid Sims 3 'cannot run error'. Read the "ReadMe" document and install all the necessary software and hardware. You can find this document in the folder where you had installed the game.

Repair the Registry

'Sims 3 cannot run' error occurs due to incorrect configurations in the registry. Repair the registry using a good Registry Cleaner included in System Utilities software. Windows registry is a place where important hidden information of the game is stored. This information is very important to run the game properly.

Delete Unwanted Stuff

Disk space occupying a large amount of unwanted files cause Sims 3 cannot run error. Delete the non-required files and folders and free up the possible disk space.

1. Download a System Utilities software that includes System Cleaner feature.
2. Click System Cleaner tab.
3. Click Clean button.

Turn Off Background Services

A high memory using background service may result in Sims 3 cannot run error. You can turn off the unnecessary third party services running in the background in order to fix this problem.

Use a System Utilities software and disable unnecessary services through the Services Manager feature.

Remove Sims 3 from DEP

DEP refers to Data Execution Prevention. A program or game restricted with DEP may malfunction. You have to exclude Sims 3 from DEP to solve this issue.

1. Right click My Computer icon.
2. Select Properties.
3. Click Advanced System Settings link at the left hand side.
4. Click Advanced tab.
5. Click Settings under Performance frame.
6. Click Data Execution Prevention tab.
7. Select Turn on DEP for all programs and services except those I select.
8. Add Sims 3 executable file in the exception list by clicking Add and then selecting the appropriate file.
9. Click OK | OK.

Mark Sims 3 as Safe in your Firewall

Firewall conflicts sometime cause Sims 3 cannot run error. Mark Sims 3 as safe in the trustworthy applications list of your Firewall. Refer your Firewall settings to do so.

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