Counterstrike Lags - Why Does the Game Lag, How to Fix It.

Counterstrike lags in computers. This complaint is made by many gamers in recent days. We will discuss the solutions to stop Counterstrike game from lagging in your system.

1. Use High Speed Internet
2. Choose Proper Server
3. Run a Registry Scan
4. Increase Virtual Memory
5. Disable Background Services
6. Improve Graphics Performance
7. Clean Temporary Type of Files

Use High Speed Internet

To stop Counterstrike lags get a high speed internet connection. This will help optimizing the speed of connections with the game servers. You can use a good Internet Optimizer tool to speed up your internet. Normally the system utilities softwares come up with such features.

Choose Proper Server

In order to prevent Counterstrike from lagging select your server carefully. Before selecting a server, make sure that its latency rate is below 100. Read the guidelines about choosing server before playing game.

Run a Registry Scan

Counterstrike lags if the Windows registry is congested. Using a good Registry Cleaner software, perform full registry scan and fix internal errors that are found. The registry stores keys of the game. These keys sometimes get corrupted due to which the game lags or crashes frequently.

Increase Virtual Memory

Increase the amount of virtual memory set in your system settings. This may help you fixing Counterstrike lags.

1. Right click My Computer and select Properties.
2. Click Advanced System Settings link.
3. Click Advanced tab.
4. Under Performance frame, click Settings button.
5. Click Advanced tab again.
6. Click Change button.
7. Mark the box Automatically manage paging file size for all drives as unchecked.
8. Increase the amount of virtual memory set to active partitions.
9. Click OK | OK | OK.
10. Restart your system.

Disable Background Services

While playing Counterstrike, it should be noted that no unnecessary services are running in the background that may lead to Counterstrike lag. Using a System Utilities, disable the third party services that are not essential.

Improve Graphics Performance

Try to update your graphics card drivers and thereby improve the graphics performance. This will help you fixing Counterstrike lags.

Clean Temporary Files

Using Disk CleanUp, delete the files that you no longer need. This will free up the disk space for playing Counterstrike smoothly and thereby resolves Counterstrike lags issue.

1. Click Start.
2. Type Disk CleanUp and press ENTER.
3. Follow the on screen instructions.

Highly Recommended

One thing that is highly recommended is to perform the registry junk, defrag Windows registry, clean system junk and optimize computer services.

To do these things use the Intel Software Partner, RegInOut.

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