Oupeng browser, a Chinese Opera (browser)

By Loh Ving Sung

09 August 2011 – Opera release a mobile browser targeted at Chinese mobile phone users, called the Oupeng. The browser is created by a nHorizon, a joint venture between Norway's Opera and China's Telling Telecom.
Oupeng will feel familiar to Opera users as it supports grid bookmarks – which allow you to bookmark 63 'speed dials' on the homepage. There's also tabbed browsing and the URL + search bar combo on top. There is an added support for social networks, and Weibo (China's leading microblog) is embedded within the Oupeng. With Weibo, users' can easily log-in and share pictures, and push trending topics to the user.

Like Opera, the Oupeng mobile browser is able to reduce data usage and improve load time with Opera's data compression technology. Additionally, the browser is also added with a download manager, and supports real webpage rendering.

Oupeng currently only supports Android, Symbian and Java platforms, so try it out at www.oupeng.com

source : http://www.mobile88.com 


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