Nazaruddin Snubs KPK Request to Discuss Education Ministry Graft

Antigraft czar Busyro Muqoddas said on Friday that his office would send out a second summons for Democratic Party legislator Muhammad Nazaruddin after he failed to show up for questioning in Jakarta.

“He didn’t come today and there’s no indication that he will,” Busyro said of Nazaruddin, who is believed to be in Singapore for medical treatment.

The former Democrat treasurer had been summoned in relation to an ongoing probe by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) into graft allegations at the Education Ministry, but did not appear on Friday.

His wife, Neneng Sri Wahyuni, is believed to have been the broker in that Rp 3.8 billion ($444,000) case. However, she is also reportedly in Singapore. Travel bans have been imposed on the pair.

Nazaruddin has also been summoned for questioning on Monday as a witness in a bribery scandal at the Sports Ministry.

“He has been summoned twice for two different cases,” said Busyro, the KPK chairman. “We will reschedule the questioning sessions.”

Sutan Bhatoegana, a Democrat legislator, said he had no idea whether Nazaruddin would comply with the summons. He added that he had not been in contact with Nazaruddin since Wednesday morning.

Sutan said he called Nazaruddin after receiving a text message from him that day. During the conversation, Nazaruddin asked Sutan what the local media were reporting about his whereabouts and the various graft allegations in which he has been implicated. Sutan added that Nazaruddin had coughed a few times during the phone conversation.

“I told him to get well soon, but his cough was getting worse,” he told the Jakarta Globe.

He added his next contact with Nazaruddin was when he sent the legislator a text message on Friday morning.

“I wrote, ‘Zar, how are you? Do you know that the KPK summoned you? How’s your health? Get well soon,’ ” Sutan said.

“But there hasn’t been any response from him so far. We hope that once he’s recovered, he’ll come back home.”

In Surabaya, Democrat chairman Anas Urbaningrum said he knew nothing about Nazaruddin’s situation.

He said he was still awaiting a report from a special delegation established by the party to meet with Nazaruddin in Singapore last weekend.

“I’m still waiting for the report from the team sent to communicate with him,” he said.

“I’ll check if we have any new developments.”

In a May 26 phone interview with the Globe, Nazaruddin said he was only in the city-state for a medical checkup and would return to face the KPK as soon as the results came in.

“What did I do wrong? I have never been summoned by the KPK. If they call me I will come,” he said at the time, adding that he had sought permission from his party before he left.


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