Democratic Party under attack: deputy chair

The Democratic Party believes outsiders are playing a role in the recent friction in the party following the revelation of a bribery scandal allegedly involving party lawmaker M. Nazaruddin.
“It is very clear and convincing to us and Pak SBY that there are other parties using the Nazaruddin case as a strategy or loophole to destroy the Democratic Party.
“This is part of political rivalries ahead of the 2014 elections,” Democratic Party deputy chair Kastorius Sinaga said Sunday as quoted by
He refused, however, to name the parties.
“We have the data; both from our personnel in the field and from the results of our analysis of actual developments,” Kastorus said.
He said his party had mapped out the “attack patterns” as well as areas where the attacks were made.
The Democratic Party has been on the hot seat since Nazaruddin was revealed as having been allegedly involved in a bribery scandal surrounding the construction of an athletes dormitory in Palembang for the upcoming 2011 SEA Games.


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