How To Fix The Alg EXE Error

Alg or Application Layer Gateway which it is also known as plays a crucial role in the day to day operation of your computer as it is a core Windows file and plays an important role in the Windows Firewall. The overall purpose of the Alg file is to provide support for third party applications, such as the Windows Firewall, IM clients and Internet Connection Sharing or ICS. Because the Alg file is an executable file it is important that it is able to function correctly in order for the computer to run correctly. This file is stored in the C:\Windows\System32 folder.

The Alg error occurs either because your computer can't read or load the file correctly, or in some cases the file may have been damaged or corrupt which causes the structure of the file to change so the computer has difficulty reading it or even executing it, which means that third party applications such as Windows Firewall, IM Clients and Internet Connection Sharing are not able to be supported and so it results in errors being presented. Some other reason why the error might show could be because of viruses that have gain access to your computer and have done some damage and steal some sensitive information. The viruses will disguise the Alg.exe file running on your computer to attack the computer's system.

However all is not lost and you can fix the Alg.exe error by following some simple steps, which are outline below:

Firstly it is recommended that you use any anti-spyware programs on your computer to locate and remove any viruses, trojans or malware infections. This will help remove any viruses that you have on your computer that might be causing the problems you have been experiencing. Viruses have a tendency to damage important files that are located inside the registry of your computer, which is full of highly sensitive and important files and settings.

Next it is highly recommended you perform a scan on the registry because if any of the files or settings inside are damaged then the computer without a doubt will experience a lot of discomfort. This is because the registry is a virtual database that is made up of hierarchical information as specific instructions that the computer will use to do various tasks. For example when you load up the Internet, the computer is actually going into the registry and looking for the specific instruction which allows it to successfully connect to the Internet. However things such as viruses and malware infections can alter the structure of the database which can cause a number of problems and slow your computer down excessively.

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