CityVille Secrets - 10 Simple and Easy Ways to Dominate The Game

After realizing how real CityVille strategies can actually bring our "normal" cities into a metropolis easily, I start to implement the strategies religiously every day. Well, what has been happened was wonderful - once I have some "systems" in place, I can up level by doing literally nothing. For example, when my neighbors are collecting rents, harvesting crops and visiting my shops for me, I am getting free XP points. These free XP points keep my level going up daily, and I do not need to spend my energy to collect them. What I do next is, I utilize the energy I have saved on building more houses, shops and community buildings - that is how my metropolis is built.

So, these are the 10 simple strategies for you:

#1: Get 300 neighbors quickly

Getting 300 neighbors sound like a daunting task, and most players will think, "well, I know this will work... But I do not have so many friends to start with!".

Actually, getting this done is easier than we think. I would post my request at the CityVille homepage ( I get at least 25 people to add me as their neighbor within an hour regularly. There was once that I managed to get 42 new neighbors in 15 minutes.

I have a few Facebook accounts for me to experiment with new strategies, but I usually get 300 neighbors in less than 1 week, by posting only 1 comment at the game homepage daily. This should be the easiest strategy for anybody to implement immediately.

So, go to get your neighbors now, it is quick and easy. The important thing is, we really need them to dominate the game.

#2: Manage your CityVille energy wisely

The first way to manage our energies wisely, is to get 300 neighbors. I cannot stress enough the importance of having 300 neighbors. As I mentioned, our neighbors will help us to harvest crops, collect rents, send tour buses around, all these will let us save energy.

With the saved energy, I would use the energy to build my metropolis, like building factories and houses.

#3: Post your rewards on CityVille homepage

This is another great way to get loyal friends, who are going to help you to water your crops, collect rents et cetera. Well, if you post your rewards for somebody to claim, they will most likely add you as their neighbor. And this person will help you to do your "CityVille chores" in a more willingly manner, because, we offered them something up front, without asking for anything in return.

I do not do this very often, but the neighbors I have by implementing this Cityville secret tactic are helping me daily without fail. It is definitely worth the effort.

#4: Complete all missions

Completing CityVille missions are extremely easy if you have 300 friends. I noticed that some players feel "lazy" to complete the missions, because they do not have enough neighbors to help them out.

So, there is no reason to ignore any missions - CityVille designed these missions to help the players increase their levels, and expand their city.

#5: Only plant and harvest high paying crops

Whenever you harvest your crop, you need to spend 1 energy. So, would you want to harvest eggplants (30 goods) or corns (110 supplies) since both will cost you 1 energy?

It is obvious that harvesting corns is a better choice, since we have limited energy in CityVille.

I only plant corns, wheat, cranberries and other high paying crops. Besides, once you start to expand your metropolis, you will be building more shops and supplying to more franchises, so it is important not to spend coins on lousy crops.

#6: Build and complete your factory immediately

Players who already have their factories built and running will realize how useful factories are. Basically, factories produce Premium Goods, and Premium Goods will make 10% more coins.

Besides, the costs of making premium goods are very low, if you can hire all the required workers from your neighbors, you can get extra Premium Goods for every neighbor you hire. For example, if you make

#7: Forget about CityVille cheats and hacks

Really, they do not exist. They may work for some time, but Zynga will have solutions to fight the cheats soon enough. Zynga is taking cheating seriously, many players are already banned after trying to hack the game.

Most importantly, using cheats and hacks kills the sense of achievement when you complete missions and go up levels. The feeling of satisfaction when you use only legitimate and legal strategies is incomparable.

#8: Visit your rich neighbors, help them everyday

This certainly does not sound like a strategy at all, but actually it is a good one to do daily. If your neighbor is having a higher level than you, it means that your neighbor has:

i) more coins to spend on you, and

ii) more energy to spend on you.

The problem is, why would they want to spend those coins and energies on us? Well, sometimes it just takes a little nudge and encouragement from us, and once they start helping us, we are going to benefit in the long run. Without these neighbors, I would not have dominated CityVille.

#9: Play CityVille everyday

Playing CityVille everyday means that we are going to go up levels faster, build shops faster, supply to franchises daily, and building our metropolis faster.

Many of my friends are wondering how they are going to ever dominate the game like I do, but they just do not play CityVille daily. If they have the same skill levels as mine, but I play much more often than them, it does not take a genius to guess who will progress faster.

#10: Learn and use powerful strategies from an expert

I thought that I could figure out every single CityVille secret on my own when I started to play the game. However, I soon realize that it is just impossible. I mean, a lot of people are sharing CityVille strategies on the web, however, a lot of them are either outdated or do not work at all. If you have come across such "tips", maybe we have both read the same material that wasted our time.

Fortunately, there are a few good CityVille strategy guides eBooks out there. I read and implemented the strategies from "CityVille Secrets" eBook, and that is when I really started to improve my game.

Real CityVille secrets are extremely hard to come by. Most players quickly dry up their energy and coins, but none of the other "tips" and "secrets" out there offer any help.

If you are trying to get real, working CityVille tips, just go to my website to have a look. I am sure no matter whether you are a newbie or an expert, you will be able to pick up some useful tips at my website!

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