20K Leveling Gold Guide Review - Why Should You Buy a Gold Guide?

Why should you buy a gold guide? Maybe you are tired of grinding all day long? Maybe you don't have the time to grind all day long to make maybe 1000G a day? Or maybe you are tired of getting undercut every time you would post an auction?

What ever the reason maybe the answer would be that you need an answer to how to make gold in WoW without grinding and farming all day long.

For Example: lets say you have been farming for about 4 hours in deepholm for obsidium and elementium ore, and after 4 hours of farming node after node you do get about 3-4 stacks of both now when you started farming(lets say that you saw the stack sell for 400g each now when after 4 hour's of grinding you come back they are for 100g each so you lose 75% of what you thought you would make when you started farming for them). Even so you want to sell them non the less but someone is undercutting you every time you post an auction which lets say the undercutting war goes like this ( started at 100 and now both of you are fighting at 60g each stack), now the value is dropped so low that you don't even want to sell it anymore.

So all that grinding and farming for 4 hour goes down the drain. And you don't have the gold to get the new BoE gear and the new mounts. Which makes you frustrated and let me point this out every time i am in trade chat after every 5 or 10 min you will see people selling gold for 5000g for 10$ sounds reasonable right? I mean why not why should you farm all day when you can get 5k gold for just 10$.

Well here is the reason why you don't, well when you buy gold you have about 90% chance of getting banned from blizzard and about 99% chance to get hacked, now you might think that you can get your account back after it gets hacked but let me tell you blizzard goes over every mail every action that you did before you got hacked and if they find out that you have bought gold the will ban you account and you will not be able to get it back.

Now i don't know about you but i don't want my account to be banned no matter what. I could never find decent online guides about where to get the items I needed and the level of skills required. I've been playing for years as both Horde and Alliance and every class possible, I can't get enough of it! But that all changed when i bought 20k leveling guide.

I knew where to farm when to farm how to farm and all this would take me less then an hour now since i have bought the guide i have made 600g a day from doing nothing but using the auction house, but hey why listen to me i'm just some guy that is telling you scroll down for more testimonials for people who used 20k leveling.

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