Relationship Advice For Women

Knowing what men want from women may probably be the number one relationship dilemma of all women out there, next to how to keep him, whether they are in a relationship or not; or age and generation they are in. Sometimes, in an attempt to know what men want from women or just to keep him in the relationship, they end up doing the wrong thing that may even deter the relationship. To avoid that from happening, here are some qualities that would answer your question, “what men want from women?” Number one: Trust
This is one of the most important qualities that men look for women. In fact, if you ask any man, they will tell you that if women want to keep him in the relationship, they need to be trusting. What men want from women is that they won’t be nagging or will keep on asking questions as to where did he go and who is he with, or they will be leaving for good. They hate suspicious women.
On the other hand, what men want from women is to be trustworthy in the sense that their man can trust them and will not have any suspicions about her. To do this, keep an open relationship and talk about problems right away and try not to nag to keep him and not to be dumped.
Exude confidence
All men find women who exude confidence sexy. In fact, confidence is even sexier than being physically sexy so you don’t have to be the most beautiful woman in the world to be confident. Confidence also stems from being smart and witty. When a woman is able to speak her mind and keep a conversation then men see that as confidence. Keep him interested by not speaking about yourself too much; let him have the chance to see that in you, that’s what men want from women.

To commit or not to commit.
Understand that most men are commitment-phobic. Even your father was once afraid of commitment, so do not rush it if you want to keep him. Let him bide his time and enjoy being with you. Once you show or tell him that you want commitment right away, then that would scare him away and the budding relationship may end abruptly.
What men want from women in terms of commitment is to let them have the time, if they want to be committed to you then you will know it. On the other hand, do what you can to convince him that you are the right person that he can be committed with. Shower him with love and care and befriend his friends and get to know him better so you can calculate and keep him. Another piece of advice, some men are not just the committing type, so if you have done everything that you think you have done but to no avail, then you may probably be just wasting your time, end the relationship right away and move on. 


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